Bagay kayong friends

Bagay kayong friends because you are both lost on the world of grammar and SV agreement, as well as proper contraction of words.

So you’re now friends with someone who asked me (if my memory serves me right) 4 years ago how to construct a simple sentence right for her Facebook status and tried asking me for synonyms of words for her write-up. So being the kind and mean person that I am, I answered a whole lot of them and then wrote posts of this kind. HA HA Just kidding.

Correcting people with the same mistakes you do makes you even more pathetic sa paningin ko. And being a grammar nazzi/ninja/police, will you please stop it? Walang credibility pag ikaw gumawa teh :P

  1. felixarcus said: in all of its fairness, tunay na tunay na nakalilito ang SV agreement. hahahah
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